Australian brand 4myearth founded by Rebecca Hurst produce merchandise that help reduce the use of plastic wraps and bags with high quality easy alternatives that are functional, practical and long lasting.

Rebecca as developed a range to solve all your kitchen essential needs and replace with sustainable, quality options so that you can reduce your individual impact on our landfills with their everyday product range. Our little actions help make a difference and by swapping one disposable product for a reusable option, we are all able to help reduce our impact.

Rebecca’s awareness is now focused on making sure that they are producing energy efficient or manufacturing products that will all help reduce our impact. Not only in their homes but in their businesses, schools and everyday actions as they strive to make sure their impact on the environment is not damaging, but helping it so it is here for our future generations to nurture and enjoy.

All 4MyEarth products must meet the following requirements:

Ethically made- Rebecca has worked very hard at finding and sourcing manufactures that are aware of the importance of environment and work place conditions and no child labor.

Quality materials that will last you years not just a couple of months. Where possible they use biodegradable materials in order to lesson their impact on landfills.

Products must be functional and practical and easy to use for everybody from littlies to adults.

Help in reducing their impact with reusable and where possible use organic materials.

Rebecca’s dream has now turned into a thriving business which is growing daily distributed worldwide. Her product range is continuously expanding with many new products and ideas that will help contribute to a better and cleaner earth.

Little everyday actions can help and do make a difference.

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