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Detoa Toys
Production technology

Detoa traditionally manufacture all of their own products in their factory in Czech Republic. From start to finish every item is strictly monitored and checked ensuring the highest quality of product.
Precautions are put in place to protect the natural environment an important aspect of Detoa’s environmental policy. They work only with certified sustainable wood sourced from the Czech and Slovac Republic, preferring hornbeam, beech and maple to avoid cutting down more trees than can grow.

Any wood waste left over from the manufacturing process is used as a fuel for the factory itself or for nearby households. They are constantly checking and improving on their manufacturing process in order to save energy and avoid CO2 emmissions. Hence why they installed their own photovoltaic power station (solar park) built on the roof to avoid taking up any land.
Surface finish
Only natural base colours and varnishes that are environmentally-friendly and authorized from the Europian standard EN71 are used.
Working conditions
They provide fair working conditions in a safe and healthy working environment and they ask the same from their suppliers.
DETOA toys meet the requirements of the Europian authorization and international safety standards. Their products are closely tested during the manufacturing process to comply with the Europian standard EN71 allowing them to use the resulted safety mark.

Their products are made of quality hardwood (maple, beech and hornbeam), that is lumbered mostly in the mountainous regions of Central Europe. As soon as the logs are cut down, they are delivered to their conversion depot where they’re protected against mold and discoloration.

They do not use any form of chemical treatment in the process. The logs are cut into varying thickness, stacked up and naturally dried for 6 to18 months.

They use only quality certified ecological colors and varnishes complying with the EN 71 standard, approved to be used by children of any age, and having no impact on the environment. The adhesives used are bought from renowned European manufactures and are also certified safe for children. Furthermore all other materials (such as leather, felt, or fabric) are subject to a strict input control and comply with all safety requirements.
They packaging is 100% recyclable giving them authorisation to use the   Green Point symbol on their products.

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