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Australian brand Moonlit Sleep is a collection of Organic Cotton Bedding for Baby and Child designed in Australia and made ethically in India. Beautifully soft, high quality sateen weave fabric.

Message from Moonlit Sleep….

We were surprised to discover how much children’s bedding was made with polyester. Polyester is a synthetic fabric and it’s not very absorbent or breathable. Polyester is actually derived from petroleum and is chemically identical to the plastics used to make soft drink bottles…Yuck!

We wanted good quality organic cotton sheets, but we wanted them to be stylish and fashionable as well. We wanted the sheets to be a feature in the room, rather than being “beige” and plain. So, drawing on my 15 years experience in the fashion industry, we decided to design our own in unique prints that we LOVE. Moonlit Sleep was born!

All of our products are certified organic to the GOTS standard. This is your assurance that they have been produced ethically and to the highest global organic standards. We use only eco-friendly dyes, which are free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals. We don’t use any nasty chemical finishes such as anti-wrinkle or flame retardants, so our cotton is pure and gentle, even on the most delicate skin. We’re truly passionate about creating healthier, safer options to help create a sustainable world for our children and generations to come.

Moonlit Sleep’s Environmental Policy

  • Use factories with environmental protection, pollution prevention and waste management policies.
  • Aim to work with factories that have all areas of operation such as fabric weaving, printing, dyeing and sewing located close together to minimise transport emissions.
  • Actively avoid or minimise the use of plastics in their products and packaging. All Moonlit Sleep products are packaged free of plastics in a re-usable cloth bag.
  • All products are washed with a cold machine wash and line dried in the sun.
  • Products are designed to be durable and long lasting so they do not end up in landfill or being used as painting drop cloths! Great effort is put into ensuring fabrics last and wear well, and have sourced the strongest, most durable elastic possible for their fitted sheets.
  • Their office is supplied with 100% green power and only energy efficient lighting. We utilise natural sunlight rather than electrical lights during the day.
  • Water saving devices on taps.
  • They open doors and windows to utilise natural breezes, rather than relying on air-con.
  • In winter they rug up nice and warm to minimise their need for heating.
  • Aim to run a paper-free office.
  • Recycle or reuse their old shipping boxes.
  • They use sea freight to transport their products to Australia as it has a much lighter ecological footprint in comparison to air freight. Green Fleet estimates that air freight emits 57 times more carbon emissions than sea freight….So for them, it’s sea freight all the way! For more details please see this link:
  • They’ve joined DHL’s carbon offset program, so all their DHL packages are carbon neutral.
  • They minimise un-necessary travel and transport whenever possible. When using Australia Post, they walk their customer orders to the post office instead of driving….Their youngest one grabs a hat and loves to tag along!

They are working towards being 100% carbon neutral by the year 2020!

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