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Eco nino Nursery
eco nino nursery has designed a range of certified organic change mat covers to suit any nursery decor.

eco nino nursery change mat covers are designed and manufactured in Australia using premium 100% GOTS certified organic cotton yarn. Everyone involved in the design and manufacturing process is treated ethically and equally, with great respect and appreciation shown for their role in production.

All covers are coloured with low impact water based dyes. If you notice that the fabric feels and looks slightly different from other everyday jersey fabric, it is because econino nursery fabric is free from bleaches, pesticides, formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals. The slight fleck that is evident in our striped covers is the organic cotton in its purest state, ultimately being best for the environment and for baby’s skin.

Clearly econino nursery is a proud brand, endeavouring to bring you the purest and safest change mat cover for your baby.