Orchard Toys Rocket Game


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Choose a launch pad and blast into space collecting as many loop-the-loops as you can on the way in Orchard Toys Award Winning Rocket Game! At the end of the Rocket Game count the loops and the player with the most wins!

Orchard Toys Rocket Game has been designed to

  • Encourage children to communicate, share and play together.
  • Develop counting and matching skills
  • Encourage social interaction and turn taking
  • Link with National Curriculum Maths Key Stage 1.
  • Award Winning: Good Toy Guide Award 2013
  • Orchard Toys are accredited with Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 certification 
  • All the board Orchard Toys use for games, jigsaws and packaging is 100% recycled
  • Orchard Toys products are designed with education in mind and they work with educational advisors including teachers and Early Years professionals to ensure that skills necessary in the various National Curriculum Key Stages and Early Years Foundation Stages are built into the games and jigsaws. 

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