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Completely natural wooden racing car designed and hand made in Europe.

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Wooden Racing Car

Superbly handcrafted wooden racing car with stylish vintage, Audi Formula One inspired design. The racing car body has been skillfully designed and handcrafted from one piece of wood allowing the raw and natural finish to stand out and making it one of the most durable and safest toys for young children. The timeless and classic design mean the car will be adored and played with by children of all ages, for years to come.

Each racing car comes with it’s own wooden figure (driver) as pictured.

Measurements: L: 16.3cm W: 9cm H: 5.1cm   Age Guide: 3 years +

  • Engineered and designed by a team of specialist architects, engineers and artists.
  • Superior functionality, durability and finish make it one of a kind.
  • Hand crafted.
  • Chemical free.
  • Natural finish.
  • Easy for little hands to hold and manoeuvre.
  • Material: Sustainably sourced Ash, Maple, Cherry and Beech Wood.

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